Keto Journal: One Week Done

Update on the first week on Keto


Keto Journal – First Entry

As with most things in my life, I find greatest success when I'm held accountable or if I have an audience to my goals. Happened few years back when I blogged about my weight loss journey; lost over 35 lbs in a span of 8 months and developed lots of lean muscle mass. As a... Continue Reading →

How Much is Too Much?

As a trainer, I'm always asked this question. How much is too much sugar? How much is too much carbs? How much is too much working out? Sometimes I get the feeling that people are just fishing for the answers they want to hear. I can see in their eyes, that they're hoping for me... Continue Reading →

A Throwback

Let me take you back to 2011. I was 165+lbs. No longer active, eating like sh*t, and a smoker. Yes, about 2-3 packs a week. How did I turn from that to what I am now? Like I tell everyone, it wasn't easy. Discipline isn't easy. But if you don't start, nothing happens. I'm a... Continue Reading →


And here we go. A brand spanking new fitness and gaming lifestyle blog. Yes you read that right. I'm here to bring the world of gamers and the world of fitness together. After all, why can' gamers be fit? Why can't everyone be fit for that matter? And yes, everyone plays games. Everyone is a... Continue Reading →

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