Five Muay Thai Combinations Anyone Can Learn (Video)

A short video on five basic but effective Muay Thai Combinations


Review: 3 Cool Things About Life Sum

Today we're going to take a look at a nifty health tracker app, Lifesum. There are tons of apps out there that help you track anything and everything from calories for weight loss or weight gain, to BMI, to logging heart rates during workouts. Life sum I found does all of that in a nifty,... Continue Reading →

How Much is Too Much?

As a trainer, I'm always asked this question. How much is too much sugar? How much is too much carbs? How much is too much working out? Sometimes I get the feeling that people are just fishing for the answers they want to hear. I can see in their eyes, that they're hoping for me... Continue Reading →


And here we go. A brand spanking new fitness and gaming lifestyle blog. Yes you read that right. I'm here to bring the world of gamers and the world of fitness together. After all, why can' gamers be fit? Why can't everyone be fit for that matter? And yes, everyone plays games. Everyone is a... Continue Reading →

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