And here we go. A brand spanking new fitness and gaming lifestyle blog. Yes you read that right. I’m here to bring the world of gamers and the world of fitness together. After all, why can’ gamers be fit? Why can’t everyone be fit for that matter? And yes, everyone plays games. Everyone is a gamer. Doesn’t matter what level you game at or how much one games. Gaming is a part of life these days and my goal is to make sure that fitness isn’t sacrificed for it.

The easiest way to get this done is to make fitness fun again. We all know gaming is fun, but there still seems to be a stigma around gaming in the fact that too much gaming is bad in so many ways from making you physically unhealthy to becoming mentally addictive. But the same can be said for fitness!

So to make short of what I’m getting at, I’m here to break down the stigma and barriers on both aspects. Being fit doesn’t mean you have to give up gaming, and just because you game doesn’t mean you can’t get or stay fit. I’m talking beyond Pokemon Go or Wii Fit.

I can go on and on about my philosophy about all this, but  I think it’s better if you subscribe and follow me and join me on this awesome journey as this site grows. I’m hoping as you follow along, you can grab some takeaways from each post and grow with it.

What I hope to be posting about are fitness blogs, workout videos, gaming reviews, fitness trend reviews, and  few personal blogs and vlogs so you get to know a little bit more about me.

So press that subscribe button and click that follow link and lets have some fun together!


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