Review: 3 Cool Things About Life Sum

Today we’re going to take a look at a nifty health tracker app, Lifesum.

There are tons of apps out there that help you track anything and everything from calories for weight loss or weight gain, to BMI, to logging heart rates during workouts. Life sum I found does all of that in a nifty, very easy to use application that’s also very nice and easy to look at.

It’s simple, just the way I like things. But don’t let that fool you. It holds a lot of data and is a really powerful tool to track and calculate the calories you put in and burn out of your body. Here are 5 reasons why I really like this app.

1. Clean design and ad free

The interface is something to marvel at. I use Google Fit primarily and the UI for Lifesum kind of reminds me of it. Simple, clean, pastel colors that make it easy to navigate and a pleasure to input data.

2. Integrates with other fitness apps

If you’re tracking calories consumed, its vital that you’re able to track and calculate calories burned. Simply watching a meter go up or down on how much you’re allowed for the day isn’t accurate enough for a healthy weight loss, or gain, plan of action. I connect my Lifesum account with my Google Fit tracker so all the calories I burn from doing activities or simply just walking around are calculated with my total calorie intake goal: this means I may only have 1400 calories left to consume after breakfast, but add in my run, kickboxing class, and all the walking and biking around I do, Lifesum could tell me that I still can eat 700-800 calories before my day is done.

Other apps Lifesum connects to are, Moves, AppleWatch, Withings, and Runkeeper.

For a full list of connectable apps visit their web page.

3. Free version is a great version!

And that’s probably the only version you’ll need. I honestly do not feel the need to upgrade to pro as yet. Pro versions give you access to additional body metrics such as inputing waist size, arm size, chest width etc. for more accurate results tracking. Pro versions also offer additional fitness goals and suggested calorie intake formulas for each. But unless you have a super specific goal to reach, the free version works as a good stand alone for day to day weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance log.



Lifesum is a great app that stands out from all the rest. It’s free, design and user interface is clean and easy to use, and connects to a number of fitness trackers so all your data is accurately recorded. I’ve used a number of apps and Lifesum by far is my new favorite.

Lifesum is available for both Android and iOS.




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