Keto Journal – First Entry

As with most things in my life, I find greatest success when I’m held accountable or if I have an audience to my goals. Happened few years back when I blogged about my weight loss journey; lost over 35 lbs in a span of 8 months and developed lots of lean muscle mass.

As a trainer I find that clients are most successful when you hold them accountable to their goals by staying on top of them and routinely going through progress reports.

As such, here we go again. Now I throw myself out there, to the word with a goal to get back into my 2012 body.

I’ll confess: I let myself go. See video below.

I got too comfortable and too lax with myself, and I got into the mentality where I’d say things to myself like, “I’ve done it before, I can do it again”, “I’ll just burn it off by doing more next week”, or the most dangerous mentality one can fall into, “I can still do more than what most people can”. The latter being dangerous because we should always group ourselves with levels above our own. Being the top of any group or level is a ticket to plateau, but I digress. Another blog on that later.

For now, I’ll keep it simple. I’m sure everyone here has heard of the keto diet, or ketogenics. I won’t be another supplier of information on what that is, you can simply follow the links, or do your own research.

What I will offer you all is a look on how it effects a body (me) in real time over a period of 2 months. The end being Christmas Holidays and the reversal of all my hard work (chuckle). In essence, I’ll be experimenting with this diet, and I present myself to you the audience , as the guinea pig. You can follow along or you can simply sit back and watch to see if there are any changes. Or you can call me out on BS if you feel that I’m doing something wrong or say I feel and look a certain way, when in fact not.



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