Keto Journal – After The First Weekend

Being a fan favorite of the Paleo lifestyle, I thought the Ketogenic Diet would be easy. To set a disclaimer, my wife and I try to follow a paleo lifestyle through out the week, minus special occasions and social gatherings. We did a strict paleo diet a few years back and discovered that we felt better for it. We turned it into a pseudo-lifestyle. Pseudo in the sense that we followed it as best we could, but didn’t beat ourselves up for falling off now and again. We also decided that we weren’t going to be “that” couple who shows up at dinner parties with self prescribed diet restrictions.

Fast forward to today…

I had a banana. Going keto is much harder (for me), than going paleo. It’s no longer just about avoiding processed foods and going whole. I find myself reaching out for healthy food options, before realizing that what I was craving for was not on the list.

Bananas. I love bananas, and they’re readily available in the office kitchens where I work. But sadly, they fall high in carbs and sugars.

So what I have been eating (what I can eat) over the weekend: 

  • Made my own bullet proof coffee
  • Kale salads (olive oil and lemon juice) my nemesis
  • Bacon to wash away the kale
  • Eggs cooked with grass-fed butter
  • Whole Yogurt made from grass-fed dairy cows
  • Steak. Bought a big New York steak Striploin on Friday. Ate half, and cut slices from the other half through out the weekend and Monday to go with my kale.
  • More kale… ugh
  • A few slices of apples.


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