Keto Journal: One Week Done


It’s been surprisingly tough to keep this up for the week. The first weekend seemed great, however I found I had more control and options for what to eat on that first weeekend. The work week proved to be a bit difficult, as I was pretty much stuck with whatever was available on campus.

RX bars were a lifesaver, and breakfast was an easy choice of eggs and a bit of kale. I even brought my own coconut oil and butter to make my own bullet proof coffee.

Lunch time was the hard part as usually everything on campus was cooked with some sort of carb or sugar. I managed to be able to find some grilled chicken and protein style burger patties a few days out of the week.

For snacks, cashews were a life saver, however I did slip a few times and had a banana out of habit a few days last week.

All in all, I think with better planning for week 2, I’m pretty confident I can reach ketosis and try to maintain it.

Picture updates

Though the pictures don’t do justice to how I feel, I think there were some results. With the reduced carbs, I definitely didn’t feel as bloated. And despite the fat content, I felt my mid section tightening out slightly. Looking forward to week 2 results!





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