Action Fit is an extension of Action Pixels Studios all run and managed by Toronto Photographer/Videographer, Immanoel Mationg.

Usually going by Ian, for short, Action Fit developed when he moved to San Francisco. Formerly Old School Impact in Toronto, Ian started in the fitness industry as a hobby in between digital projects. After getting himself back in shape after years of fitness neglect (see his former weight loss blog here) he decided to extend his new found love for fitness and athleticism with others by first helping train friends which eventually snowballed into gaining actual clients.  Word got round of his unique training style and eventually reached the ears of major corporate clients where he then began to service companies such as Google.

Ian’s qualifications and achievements include:

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist through CanFit Pro
  • Kickboxing Instructor through Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc
  • MMA Instructor through Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc
  • ACE Personal Training Specialist
  • 2012 Canadian National Gold and Silver Medalist in Forms Martial Arts and Full Contact Martial Arts
  • 2012 Buffalo New York Gold Belt Champion in Full Contact Escrima
  • 2013 Gold Medalist in three divisions, Martial Arts Tournament, Toronto

Ian continues his love for creatively combining Martial Arts and Fitness in San Francisco, California. He’s currently running Action Pixels Studios on YouTube where he is now bringing his love for digital content and video games together with fitness. Don’t get how that mashup works? It actually does! Check out his version of the gamification of fitness here.



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